A bold new entry in a
traditional category

In Australia, a young, active customer base had disengaged with yoghurt. They found it too sweet and insufficiently filling, creating an opportunity for a more relevant offer.

The new yoghurt would be a high-protein proposition, containing 15g protein along with all-natural ingredients and macronutrients.

Having developed the proposition, we created a brand name. It had to communicate the key ingredient as well as the benefit, making it quick and easy for on-the-go consumers who don’t want to waste time or compromise on quality: YoPRO was born.

HWA™ methodology was deployed to ensure that YoPRO packs a punch on-shelf and makes shopping easy. The all-black pack takes its cues from athletic nutrition and stands out within a predominantly white category.

The telegraphic name and the bold design became the cornerstones of the launch campaign. The campaign relied heavily on out-of-home communications to reach this active consumer target.

With its award-winning visual identity, YoPRO quickly became the second-biggest brand in a competitive and cluttered category, exceeding ambitious launch expectations.

This success, and the strength of the brand, has allowed the proposition to be extended into other categories.