Global Precious Metals

The path to security
is paved in gold

The path to security is paved in gold

The Global Precious Metals (GPM) investment platform provides bespoke solutions for its savvy, high net worth clients.

By investing in gold and other precious metals, its clients can de-risk their portfolios. GPM also offers a physical storage solution of fully insured and segregated vaults.

To strengthen its brand, we used strategic positioning to articulate the GPM promise of security in times of economic uncertainty and market turbulence. The promise of security gives clients a sense of confidence and control.

To physically manifest this promise, we employed Hard Working Assets™ methodology to create assets that celebrate the qualities of gold and precious metals. Assets such as the bullion-shaped logo mark and the golden vault bring the semiotics of gold and precious metals’ enduring strength and security to the forefront.

The result is a system that is not only bold, distinctive and memorable but also deeply meaningful for the clients.