Aptamil Essensis

Ultimate performance in infant milk formula

Danone Nutricia wanted to create an ultra-premium Infant Milk Formula (IMF) range based on its latest scientific advancements.

In China, its second-largest market, premiumisation of the IMF market was being driven by an increase in understanding of early-life nutrition. Parents were looking for products based on the most advanced insights.

The result was two new products: one rich in HMOs (Human Milk Oligosaccharides), the other an organic A2 protein milk. To attract parents’ attention, we needed to disrupt the category whilst remaining true to the Aptamil brand.

Using our HWA™ model, we assessed which of Aptamil’s brand assets were hard working and should be retained in the new range, as well as the new assets that were needed.

With a rich, jewel-like colour palette that was a breakthrough for the category, we created an ultra-premium visual resonance. It rendered the Aptamil Essensis identity in gold, with distinctive visual cues for the brand’s precious milk droplet.

The new Aptamil Essensis range identity and core assets empower its ultra-premium perception across multiple channels and different touchpoints.

The Essensis range enables the Aptamil brand to attract new consumers and is a strong platform for future NPD.