The vitamins and minerals category is cluttered and complicated. Sanofi wanted to create a new range under its Cenovis brand to disrupt and redefine the category, and appeal to a younger consumer. 

To do so required a whole new way of looking at energy. We used our innovation process to focus on the immediate benefits, targeting lifestyles that need a lift. Life is complicated enough, and meeting our daily energy needs shouldn’t add to the problem. We don’t need to know how it works, just how it helps.

Hello You - energy made simple

This idea was at the heart of our HWA™ model, so we needed to keep the newly created assets simple too.

Across the range, we boldly call out the benefit in both type and colour. The packaging is uncluttered, making it easy to find in a sea of supplements on the shelf.

Along with key visuals, the look and feel and tone of voice keep everything refreshingly simple across all channels: pack, merchandising, social, digital and OOH.