Putting the quality back into ‘value’

We worked with Tesco to create eight brands with differentiated propositions, names, identities and packaging design across more than 300 SKUs to replace its Everyday Value food lines. These brands are available ‘Exclusively at Tesco’

The aim was to reassure Tesco customers on quality as well as price, whilst tapping into customer insights and motivations for each category.

Tesco were the first supermarket to launch a value range back in 1993 and at the time, the blue and white striped packaging felt very relevant. It was redesigned in 2012, product quality was improved and it was renamed Everyday Value.

However with the rise of the discounters, perceptions of value have changed, and the big 4 supermarket’s value packaging looked cheap and research showed that customers felt embarrassed to put them in their shopping basket.

The ‘Exclusively at Tesco’ brands have been created to reassure on the best value and quality, and to make customers smile.

Ms Molly’s is a brand built around happiness, positivity and generosity which is communicated using a vibrant colour palette, achieving great standout within ice-cream, frozen lollies and cakes.

H. W. Nevill’s conveys authenticity and warmth within bread and scones – expertly crafted to bring baked deliciousness to customers.

Stockwell & Co conveys a strong sense of heritage and is the brand for the cupboard staples that every family needs, from gravy granules to flour and teabags.

Eastman’s champions proper, tasty food and is inspired by local delis. It includes products such as quiche and pies.

Creamfields is a range of dairy products packed with natural goodness and sourced from selected farms from the British countryside.

Butcher’s Choice reassures on authenticity with a range of frozen meat products, that are specially selected, prepped and packed by skilful butchers.

Grower’s Harvest products are picked and packed for taste and goodness, and include juices and canned and frozen vegetables.

Hearty Food Co celebrates everyday, real life with a range of fresh and frozen ready meals that are easy and quick to prepare for busy families.