From bodybuilding to a brand for life

MaxiMuscle was the clear, established market leader, but in a category that was hard to understand and navigate, and mainly shopped by people interested in body building.

We were asked to create a design that appealed to the growing number of people interested in nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, especially women.  The challenge was to create a balance between the historic functional aspects of the brand and the lifestyle benefits.

We introduced a more inclusive brand name, MaxiNutrition, as the bigger opportunity was to develop a brand that was ‘for life’ and not just for bodybuilding, as an increasing number of people want to consume more protein for its health and muscle repair benefits.

It was critical that the products could communicate the scientific benefits in a contemporary and credible way, so we used colour-coded imagery and developed information graphics to drive shopper purchase decisions.

Range names were introduced to communicate the four core need states so that shoppers could quickly understand what each product delivered.

We delivered a redesign that vastly improved navigation in-store, simplifying the confusing category, as well as modernising the brand.

Winner of a silver DBA Design Effectiveness Award in the ‘Branded Non-Food’ category, the new design and re-positioning has modernised the brand, transformed the category and delivered 29% year on year net sales growth. It also provided the brand team with a fantastic platform for innovation.