Craft distilled

For the first time in its 150 year history, Billson’s has stepped into the spirits world with the launch of two craft gins.

The Australian Dry Gin is infused with Australian hops and botanicals while the Beechworth Dry Gin is infused with local honey, Australian eucalyptus, dandelion and turmeric.

Given the competitive nature of the Australian gin market, we knew that our designs had to communicate a clear point of difference, and deliver unique and distinctive qualities to ensure stand out.

We also wanted to give the design a sense of history, to reflect the brand’s roots, and make sure it worked as a contemporary design.

The limited colour palette suits the pure, elegant nature of gin, and the single hit of a rich vintage colour differentiates the two gins. The mix of typography, the bold confident Billson’s branding and sans-serif typography on the primary label, and the classically crafted secondary elements on the distiller’s label, position these gins as contemporary products, with a nod to the brewery’s history.

The botanicals are represented on the label with beautiful drawings. A traditional style of illustration complements the history of the brewery and confirms the brand’s credibility in the market. It’s a layered design that cleverly marries a contemporary, clean and pure look with heritage.

A cork stopper and simple tamper seal, all used in hand-finished bottle production, emphasise that this is a small batch product which is reinforced by the bottle shape, a raised Billson’s wordmark to give an embossed feel, and a handwritten footer and label.