The London Story

Our roots are in Melbourne, Australia.

Fifteen years after setting up Cowan in Australia, Mark decided to open offices in Asia, realising that for Cowan’s FMCG clients Asia would be the next frontier.

And then as more clients moved their brands to being managed globally rather than regionally, he opened the London office in 2005.

Liz and Sam joined Cowan London ten years later, in the summer of 2015, having worked together twice before, at FutureBrand and at Dragon Rouge. What attracted them to Cowan was its shopper focus and its values, particularly simplicity.

Elizabeth Finn, Managing Director and Samantha Dumont, Creative Director

‘It’s great working with Sam again. And it’s really rewarding to be back in an agency, working on such a variety of brand and retail opportunities across a range of categories.’ Liz

‘It’s not often that you get to work with someone a third time, but when that opportunity arose at Cowan London, I jumped at it! It’s exciting to build a new team, to grow the business, and of course, to do some great work.’ Sam

Elizabeth Finn - Managing Director - Cowan London
27th October 2017