Nunu Noodles

NuNu sets the new standard for Noodles in the Middle East

With a bold rethink of the entire noodle category, Cowan moved away from the stale, tired conventions, with a fresh contemporary design for NuNu: a brand specifically developed for the UAE market.

With the continued growth of the instant noodle category in the UAE, a perfect storm was occurring: the burgeoning Asian workforce with their ever-increasing demand, coupled with the local population experimenting with new food trends, resulted in established instant noodle brands extending their presence into the market. 

Instead of simply following the competition and introducing an existing brand, Blue Ocean, a Vietnamese corporation specialising in premium and organic products, tasked Cowan with creating an innovative and health-conscious concept for this specific overseas market.

A unique product proposition (fresh taste, natural ingredients, natural flavours, and no additives) deserves a unique brand essence and design. Cowan combined consumer insights to complement the ambitions of NuNu to develop the brand essence: Freshness Inspired.

From there, Cowan introduced a revolutionary design that broke away from cliché and busy category codes. Non-conventional and dynamic food visuals were leveraged to cut through on an overcrowded shelf while reinforcing the brand’s fresh taste and natural ingredients.

Artistic, contemporary, and distinctive, NuNu has brought an inspired new look to noodles, redefining the category and taking it to the next level.