Beauty in Simplicity

Refreshing Neutrogena Hydroboost’s language for gentle efficacy

The Asian consumer is one that is defined by a sophisticated multi-step skincare ritual. To reinforce the brand’s relevance and point of difference, Cowan created a simple and elegant visual language to emphasize the range’s proven efficacy.

The East Asian skincare regime has rippled across the world, marking a definitive place in the rapidly growing global skincare market. The #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand, Neutrogena’s Hydroboost is the leading hydration expert in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea, driven by its scientific expertise and the gentle, restoring power of its formula.

Cowan’s strategy refreshed the Hydroboost aesthetic to drive the range’s unique proposition and active ingredient: the simplicity of beauty unlocked by everyday hydrating care.

We created a simple set of icons to function within a color-block system to drive intuitive navigation, product relevance, and multi-product usage. A palette of metallic silver to gradient blues balanced our simplicity with the sensorial and the premium, which we further showcased by proudly revealing the product within, highlighted by droplets.