Clover Montessori

We had the pleasure of creating the brand strategy and identity for Vietnam’s first Montessori learning center.

Clover Montessori aims to support children in choosing meaningful and challenging work of their own natural interest to make the most of their abilities as they grow. Cowan recognized it was that emphasis on each child fulfilling their potential that set Clover apart from other schools and articulated it through a brand manifesto and design.

We created a brand mark with a natural and refined illustration style to reflect both the premiumness of the brand as well as the Montessori tenant of allowing children to develop naturally.

The brand’s logo features a white dove taking flight, symbolizing the freedom and independence that children develop at Clover Montessori.

Its approach to unveiling the unique and natural potential of every child is expressed through how the brand identity flexes in its different use cases: the fourth leaf unveiling a telescope in one application and a paint stroke in the next.

The result is a brand identity that is as unique to the education landscape as Clover itself.