Nescafé Café Việt

A pack designed to stay with you.

A land of natural beauty and rich culture, Vietnam is both romantic and compelling. Through a 2018 limited edition design series for Nescafé Café Vit, Cowan captured the essence of the Vietnamese experience for the international traveller.

As an established international brand, how could Nescafé appeal to those looking for a prised Vietnamese coffee gift while carefully balancing a local look and feel within its global brand guidelines?

Cowan enthusiastically approached these strategic design challenges and found an inspired solution.

Through extensive interviews with travellers who had experienced and explored Vietnam, Cowan was able to understand and articulate the relationship tourists share with the country.  Aligning these insights with Nescafé’s brand personality, Cowan visually expressed a creative route inspired by the iconic, romantic travel posters of 1920’s Indochina, while ‘dialling up’ the romanticised act of letter-writing.

The result was a truly unique gift to establish Nescafe as a consideration for the international traveller while aligning the brand with the amazing experience that is Vietnam.