Perfection is an
endless pursuit.

For 30 years, we have challenged the way things have always been done in pursuit of doing them better.

At our core, we are a strategic brand and packaging design studio. We connect shoppers to a brand’s relevant truth to forge stronger, more authentic relationships with their audience.

Our ethos to Realise Potential is more than a motto – it is a never-ending challenge that drives us everyday.

Our principles

The power of a simple, useful idea beautifully crafted.

The power of collaboration to create positive change.

The courage to always do the right thing.

What we do

In the ever-changing commercial landscape, we are constantly exploring new disciplines and expertise to offer a compete portfolio of services. From packaging design, to digital campaigns, to full brand evolution, we will help you navigate any business challenge.

Let’s talk.

Where it all started

A marketing and buying role for a national supermarket chain is not the typical background for a founder of a brand and design consultancy, but it does help to explain why Cowan is a little different.

Mark Cowan’s foundation in retail introduced him to various shopper purchasing patterns and highlighted the common factors for success across countless product launches. These valuable insights form the basis of the Cowan shopper-centric approach which still guides us to this day.

30 years on, we remain independent and our network of 7 offices provides us with a truly global perspective.

Founder and Executive Chairman
Mark Cowan