Traditional Artisan Sake

Akashi Sake Brewery is a small artisanal sake producer based in Hyogo, Japan. They brew their sake using traditional methods using only the highest quality, locally produced ingredients.

The brewery needed a new design for their flagship product Akashi-Tai that better reflected the artisanal nature and premium quality of the product.

Sake is a small but growing sector in the UK market so it was important to create a desirable and relevant design for both the domestic market, Japan, as well as internationally emerging markets like the UK and the US.

The brand icon of the Tai (sea bream) is a crucial element of the brand identity. This noble fish represents well the Akashi-Tai values; drive, curiosity and resilience. Getting this right was the key to the redesign.

We worked closely with artist Aurore de La Morinerie to create the beautiful Tai illustration, and with Hirano Sogen to create the kanji identity, so that the two elements would work hand in across the new range of premium artisan Akashi-Tai sake.

Kagami Biraki

To celebrate the birth of the new brand we held a traditional kagami biraki ceremony, in which a barrel of the new sake is smashed open for the first time and shared as part of the celebration.