Building A Brand That Speaks To ‘U’

Breaking New Ground To Engage With A New Generation

Static for a number of years, the Thai beer category was ready for change. Challenging the status quo, Cowan created a unique brand footprint to connect directly with the youth of Thailand that didn’t look or sound like any other beer in the segment.

The Thai beer category had been consistent for many years, dominated by the local heroes: Singha, Leo and Chang.

The brief was to create a new beer brand that spoke directly to the youth of Thailand. A brand that would disrupt the category. A brand that would bring a new point of view.

The potential of the project was endless. The emerging youth of Thailand have a new attitude to brands. As the highest social media users in Asia, they have immediate access to products and information. They are empowered to showcase their creativity and have the freedom to express themselves.

The ‘U’ name was the catalyst for the positioning and brand design. A commitment to remain authentic and empower the consumer to be themselves. A series of workshops and interactive working sessions shaped and formed the brand visual identity – striking and minimalist, paired with a bold graphic style.

The result was self-evident in the 13 Million Facebook Members, 3% Market Share in 4 Months, Over 1M Cans Sold 1st Month in 7-11 in Thailand.

U Beer is liberating, it is expressive and real… Just like U.