The Jewel In The KitKat Crown

KitKat Rubies discover a new shine.

KitKat Rubies, the premium gifting option from Nestle KitKat was launched in Malaysia in 2015. Cowan elevated the KitKat Rubies packaging to realise a level of sophistication and elegance to match the distinct and indulgent taste.

Today, 650 KitKat fingers are consumed globally every second. “Have a break… have a KitKat” realised the potential of the brand and the chocolate phenom spread to all corners of the globe.

Enter KitKat Rubies, the luxurious younger sister of KitKat. The individually wrapped, double layered box launched into the adult gifting segment previously dominated by the ubiquitous gold papered Ferrero Roche.

Cowan was tasked to help the Nestle team elevate the irresistible luxury of the product. To share it’s secrets – the hidden layers of rich praline and chocolate to enhance its preciousness and drive desirability.

At the heart of our design solution was the re-telling of the KitKat Rubies story to enhance the jewel like aspect of the product and bring more meaning to the Rubies name. Essentially a graphic execution of a sensory equity. A gift you are proud to give and delighted to receive.


The Rubies success story continues rolling out across Philippines and Singapore, and most recently launching in Brazil.