Dabao Skincare

Dabao is the most well-known family skin care brand in China market for over 30 years, owning the biggest consumer base.

While the majority of users are male and elderly group, and which leads to the challenges – brand image outdated and off beauty category. The change is expected both from the client and market. One of the strategic moves is entering the growing mask category in mid-price tier with the product concept, one flower, one leaf and one tea. The priority channel is EC.

Our Objective

Modernise and strengthen the Dabao brand imagery to powerfully resonate with historical audience while resonating with younger generation.

Design approach

Dabao is strongly tagged with “national brand”, which Cowan captured and translated into an exclusive design style.

  1. Collaborating with traditional Chinese realistic painting artist, we created the ingredients visuals with elegance and strong cultural charm that embody Dabao’s beauty.
  2. The shape of logo is extracted and amplified as the the core visual assets of mask line and extended in the pack of all SKUs and communication materials. It is undoubtedly a way to inherit Dabao brand in a bold and direct way. 
  3. To address challenges of modernisation, refreshing colours are easy to think about. more than that, we turned traditional painting into simplified modern illustration and apply it in outer box, which consumers will see at the first sight. 
  4. We created a surprising open-the-pack experience, refined modern pack for the outer, and vivid painting pack for the inner.


Dabao brand management commented as “understanding Dabao very well” and also massive spontaneous consumers feedback on EC stores as “nice, refreshing packaging” “feel happily surprised when open the pack” “feel good from the packaging design even haven’t used”.